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Kurzy a Youtube kanály

Niekoľko voľne dostupných kurzov a kanálov iných autorov, ktoré nás zaujali a niečo naučili. Máte tip? Napíšte nám.


Improving your statistical inferences (Daniel Lakens)

Coursera kurz with Danielom Lakensom: "This course aims to help you to draw better statistical inferences from empirical research."


Improving Your Statistical Questions (Daniel Lakens)

Druhý Coursera kurz with Danielom Lakensom: "This course aims to help you to ask better statistical questions when performing empirical research."


How to use the OSF for research projects (Timo Roettger)

"This tutorial was part of the materials for a workshop on "Reproducibility in the Language Sciences", held in Cologne 2019. The materials for this workshop, including slides, scripts and documents are all publicly available here:"


Statistics of DOOM (Erin M. Buchanan)

"YouTube channel to help people learn statistics by including step-by-step instructions for SPSS, R, Excel, and other programs. Demonstrations are provided including power, data screening, analysis, write up tips, effect sizes, and graphs. "


μ-Tube (Andy Field)

"Videos to accompany 'Discovering Statistics Using ...' textbooks"


Webinar: Theory and Practice of Bayesian Inference Using JASP (Alexander Etz, Julia Haaf, and Johnny van Doorn)

"In June, 2019, three JASP team members (Alexander Etz, Julia Haaf, and Johnny van Doorn) taught a webinar on Bayesian inference for The Society for Personality and Social Psychology. The webinar provides attendees with a friendly, gentle introduction to Bayesian statistics, and demonstrates how to perform Bayesian analyses using JASP statistical software"

Neat Stationery

Structural Equation Modeling Course by Buchanan, E. M.

Course description: This course will cover an in depth exploration of structural equation modeling. You will learn the basic concepts of SEM and how to model different types of research questions, as well as how to report these models in APA style. Path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and multi-group models will be several types of techniques covered.


Paul Meehl on philosophy of science: video lectures and papers

"Notes on Paul Meehl’s philosophy of science lectures".

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